Remove RT4BLOCK Ransomware (Free Guide)-

Threat Name: RT4BLOCK Ransomware
Type: Cryptovirus
Family: RotorCrypt ransomware
File extension: !-information-…_ ingibitor366 _….RT4BLOCK
Symptoms: Encrypts system files, locks system files and make system files inaccessible. Demands ransom in order to unlock system files.
Security Risk: High
Removal: Download RT4BLOCK Ransomware removal tool to make your system free from this ransomware

RT4BLOCK Ransomware is new ransomware detected that comes from the RotorCrypt ransomware family. Once this sneaky malware gets chance to pave its way inside your system, it starts executing its highly advanced encrypting algorithm in the system background which ends up in making your system file inaccessible. It alters the filename of encrypted system files by adding “!-information-…_ ingibitor366 ….RT4BLOCK” extension to the system files. For example, if the file name is “document.txt” it changes into “document.txt: !-information-… ingibitor366 _….RT4BLOCK”.

Same as other malware files it comes in the system by opening spam email attachments, downloading free software from untrustworthy sources or visiting malicious links. Once it gets the inside system it locks system screen and makes your valuable data inaccessible. It also displays a ransom note in the system screen that demands some ransom amount to be paid in order to get unlock key for encrypted files. The ransom notes state that if the money will not be paid you will never be able to access your system files.

But security experts suggest not to believe on such fake ransom notes as it is nothing more than a trap created by hackers to make money from you. Without getting panic users are suggested to take smart action to make their system from this malware. Firstly users should not pay any ransom and they must download RT4BLOCK Ransomware removal tool that completely scan and make your system free from such malware infections.

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