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Windows Defender VS Paid Antivirus:


Windows Defender is a special solution that is available for Windows 10 users, and Microsoft announced, the Windows Defender is built-in antivirus that can automatically blocks the highest number of ransomware and malware files. Microsoft then points out that built-in antivirus can immediately block unknown threats. Moreover, Microsoft states they have used the technologies like machine learning process, deep neural network, cloud-base and other to make Windows Defender much more effective than other.

In the month of may 2017, around the world government firm to individual computer user was troubling with global ransomware attack. However, Microsoft says Windows 10 easily survived WannaCry fiasco, thanks to patches that Microsoft released in March. But according to News and cyber security researchers, most of the Windows PC were found to be infected with such WannaCry Ransomware. Now the big question is how cyber criminals successfully invading the Windows Defender? If security measures can be exploited then there is no use of having a Windows Defender.

Is Windows Defender Efficient And Smart Enough?

To be honest, Windows Defender solely provides baseline protection, which implies ok normal PC user or for basic internet user. For people who in the main use social networks and should transfer the occasional file here and there, Windows built-in antivirus ought to be simply fine.

If you transfer plenty of torrent connected files from the net, then it tends to doubtful for Windows Defender because this would supply enough protection. Of course, not everyone agrees with the claims, and brag that Microsoft words are correct for its Windows Defender. Although Kaspersky, a company for antivirus solutions states that Windows built-in antivirus not so good, and external antivirus tests plenty behind the competition when it comes to detection of threats, false positives, and performance.

Kaspersky has recently filed a complaint against Microsoft in Europe, claiming that the company used its dominant position to promote Windows Defender and forced Windows 10 users to use this type of protection.

How Malware Attacks If Windows Defender Or Any Antimalware Tool Is Able To Survive?

This is one of the biggest questions that occurs in the head, such as “ How malware sneaks in the computer?” According to experts, this threat also comes due to human weakness and unsafe browsing habits. Almost every computer user wants to download free stuff like background images, songs, videos, applications, add-ons at free of cost so that they download it from unreliable sources, which often contains malicious threats.

In addition, many users receive floods of spam e-mails, which claims “you are selected as the today’s happiest winners” or offers loans at very low-interest rates. Avoid accessing such emails because they contain an unwanted program that can immediately sneak into the computer when user click on the specified links.

No doubt Microsoft is the leading company and its OS or utility software is the world widely used. But when it comes to the system security, cyber treacherous have found their own tricks to defeat the Windows Defender. Well, defeating the antimalware tool is not all about the capacity of a tool sometimes user awareness and Internet surfing habit is also responsible for the system security. So, it is better to enhance our practice on browsing instead of relying on any AV tool.

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