Judy Virus Infecting Android Devices And Fraudulently Advertising Via Google Play Apps

Judy Virus Infecting Android Devices And Fraudulently Advertising Via Google Play Apps
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Judy The Largest Virus Attack On Google Play Ever

judy virus

For years we have had to deal with viruses on all the platforms as we have a tendency to use and connect with the web. Windows is that the most malware OS in the world, though it’s not the foremost used, as recently Android exceeded the number of connected users. Even so, Android additionally has a lot of malicious applications, corrupt files and thousands of viruses like Judy that no one can imagine.

Unfortunately, these days we’ve not excellent news for a few Android mobile users since a virus nicknamed “Judy” on Android has infected quite thirty-six million devices. Apparently, It has a very suggestive name, but the truth is that it does not bring anything good. Researchers at security firm Check Point have just discovered a new virus called ‘Judy’. To date, it could have infected 36.5 million mobile phones with Android.

Google Play Apps that infected millions of Android smartphones

According to the blog of the multinational, the virus ‘Judy’ has been detected in 42 mobile applications available on Google Play, mostly developed by a South Korean company named as Kiniwini, a company registered in Google Play as Enistudio Corp., which develops apps for Android and iOS systems. The name of Google play Apps are given below that are responsible for the distribution of Judy virus. If you are using any one of then you are endangering the security of your Android smartphone. The most downloaded game from below list is “Fashion Judy: Snow Queen style”, and most other options have “Judy” in the title.

what is Judy Virus

The infection of Judy Virus causes continuous pop-ups of bogus ads

The strategy reveals that there is some vulnerability in systems that scan apps before uploading them to Google Play. The reason behind vulnerability is still unknown. However, It is also not clear, whether the virus takes a little time to act or a lot more time, as some of the infected applications have been in the Play Store for years.

Thus, when one of these apps is installed, the mobile or tablet begins to communicate with servers behind the user to generate displays of ads fraudulently, which would generate income for those responsible for the infection and what would reduce the battery and The overall performance of the device. Researchers at Check Point found a widespread virus on Android-based phones, the world’s most-used operating system, which infects devices with unwanted advertising. The virus affects devices by flooding them with advertisements and generating a fraudulent click, for which the authors earn money by advertising revenue.

Therefore, it is clear there is no safe operating system today. Therefore, at present days it is beneficial to install antimalware tool or antivirus on PC or mobile. But one thing that is the most considerable fact about Judy virus is that it is the second most dangerous virus after WannaCryptor Ransomware. That is the not the first case of Android but the new virus Judy has globally infected Android users the has already affected more than 36.5 million devices. The worse thing is the number of the infected device may increase in future.

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