How to Uninstall SpyHunter Anti-Malware Tool A Simple Guide

No doubt SpyHunter is a very effective anti-malware software with a simple and easy to use interface. But, if you are looking to uninstall SpyHunter then follow the given steps.

  • Go the Start menu and click on Windows icon

Windows Icon

  • Select Control Panel.

control panel option

  • You can also opt for shortcut method: Just Press R together with the Start (Windows) key.

shortcut to open control panel

  • A box will open – type appwiz.cpl inside and press OK.
  • Select Programs option from the Control Panel Window.

control panel window

  • Click Programs and Features.


  • Select the Software program by clicking on it, and then click the Uninstall button. Note: You may need administrator privileges to remove programs.

uninstall syphunter 4

  • Double-click on Spyhunter and select preferred language, by doing this you confirm that you want to remove SpyHunter.

spyhunter confermation box

  • SpyHunter offers one last deal for you. If you have decided to remove the program select “Proceed with Uninstall” and Spyhunter will be removed from your system.

spyhunter last offer

  • A computer must be rebooted after these process in order to complete the uninstallation process. Save all open files and click on the reboot button. Your computer will now reboot and Spyhunter will be completely removed once it starts up again.

syphunter reboot window

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