“Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Ups : Uninstall Instantly From My Computer

“Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Ups : Uninstall Instantly From My Computer
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What is “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Ups?

The ‘Hard Drive Is Not Accepted’ Pop-Ups that can seem in browsers like Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Edge, and Mozilla Firefox are not to be trusted. The ‘Hard Drive Is Not Accepted’ Pop-Ups windows, which may additionally feature the slogan ‘Microsoft Security Warning,’ are not produced by way of services associated with Microsoft Corp. The ‘Hard Drive Is Not Accepted’ Pop-Ups windows are generated on phishing pages which might be designed to expose faux computer safety warnings and advocate user’s name a technical help hotline that is meant to be operated by means of certified computer professionals. However, the reality is that the ‘Hard Drive Is Not Accepted’ Pop-Ups windows are used by technical help fraudsters and calls to the 888-886-7703, and 888-554-8150 toll-unfastened phone strains are not advocated. There may be other smartphone lines displayed by way of the ‘Hard Drive Is Not Accepted’ warnings, and also you need to keep away from the ones too.

remove “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Ups

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Distribution method of the “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Ups :

Hard Drive Is Not Accepted Pop-Ups makes use of stealth approaches to enter the interior of your gadget. This type of unwanted packages comes while you looking to install any of the free software from a third-party website that is truly unfastened. You may not realize that most of those free software program make compromises with the malware developers to drop the malicious documents into their supply installer by using which when the users deploy the source software then the spyware contamination documents also got installed on the customer’s machine without getting their consent. Due to these of the reasons specialists constantly recommended to use “Custom or Advanced” display to install new packages on the system as it shows set up listing and also keeps away from suspicious installation.

Malicious activities of the “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Ups :

Once installed on your pc, ‘Hard Drive Is Not Accepted’ Pop-Ups virus will even infect your browser to expose the ones faux warning pop-ups. It will forcibly redirect your browser on its page and force you to call on that number. When you will call then they’ll rate huge money for fixing fake troubles. This perilous threat can steal your personal and financial facts secretly. It also can inject dangerous threats on your machine in case you don’t pay them money.

It shows pop-ups like:

‘RDN/Trojan.worm!055BCCAC9FEC Infection
Call Microsoft Technical Support Immediately at [PHONE NUMBER]
The following data will be compromised if you continue:
1. Passwords
2. Browser History
3. Credit Card Information
This virus is well known for complete identity and credit card theft. Further action through this computer or any computer on the network will reveal private information and involve serious risks.
Call Microsoft Technical Support Immediately at [PHONE NUMBER]’
The text above may be shown in the foreground while another disturbing statement is presented in the background, which reads:
‘Hard Drive is not accepted.
Please Call Support Now. Call Toll-Free [PHONE NUMBER] To find the right solution.
The file or directory is corrupted and unstable!
Your computer has alerted us that it is infected with RDN/Trojan.worm!055BCCAC9FEC
The following information: passwords, messages, and credit cards have been stolen.
Call Microsoft technical Support number [PHONE NUMBER] to protect your files and identity from further damage.

How to Uninstall “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Ups Automatically from Computer?


Remove “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Ups From Your Windows Automatically

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Mac OS

Remove “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Ups From Your Mac OS Automatically

Mackeeper application is like a complete security suite for all Mac users. It automatically secure and optimize a Mac system to provide a smooth performance. Once if anyone installed Mackeeper on any Mac computer, the rest things like junk clean up, potentially unwanted programs attacking your Mac and other computer related issues and assured to have a rest upon. We are now living in a digital world and our personal computer is the most integral stuff of our daily life. Investing in Mackeeper is one time to secure the privacy of your computer for a lifetime. After all, any of us do not like our personal information misleading by anyone.

For quick and effective solution to get rid of “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Upsfrom your PC, you can run a scan with an advanced malware removal tool and delete “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Ups completely within few clicks only.

How to Uninstall “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Ups Manually?

STEP 1: Start Your PC in Safe Mode With Networking

Windows 8/10

Booting Into Safe Mode on Windows 8 or 10

Numerous ways are there to get into the safe mode with networking option on your Windows computer system, but with Windows 8 & 10 OS. Few of those functions are need to be accessed with a little longer procedure. Well, here we are available to help you with the simplest way to access safe mode in Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC.

Here we will share the simplest method to access safe mode in networking.

1. Boot your PC to the login screen and then hold the SHIFT key, while holding it click on RESTART button.

win 8 homescreen

Windows 8 Screen

windows 10 homescreen

Windows 10 Screen

2. This will take you to the troubleshooting option screen where to enable the Safe Mode.


In other scenarios, there are options that you could not boot your login screen, here-

You could see another screen known as Recovery screen. To access this window you can hold the SHIFT key and keep tapping on F8 key. This will let you enter the advanced “recovery mode”. Here you can easily choose advanced repair options.

advance troubleshoot option win 10

Now go to the Start Up settings.

startup settings windows 10

There click on the Restart option available there.

restart your system

When the computer finally restarts, press the number that says Enable Safe Mode with Networking. Usually number 5 from the list.

enable safe mode with networking

Enter your admin login details and Enter Windows in Safe Mode with Networking.

Windows XP, Vista or 7

Restart Your PC and keep tapping on F8 key.

start pc in safemode

It will open and advanced menu option from there you need to choose the Safe Mode with Networking Option. You can easily make the selections with the help of arrow keys.

safe mode with networking

After choosing Safe Mode with Networking option. Click on Enter.

press enter

STEP 2: How to Show Hidden Files & Folders

Windows 8, 10

You need to Press Windows Key+E.

From the upcoming window you need to get to the View tab on the menu option.

Locate the Options icon and click on it.

locate hidden files in windows

A dialog box will get appear and you will need to click on “Show Hidden Files and Folders” option and click on Apply and then OK.

show hidden files

Windows 7

Press Windows Key + E.

From currently appeared window click on Organize option. (Usually appear on top left corner)

organize option win 7

Clicking on it will result in a drop-down list, select Folder & search options.

Go to the view tab of the next appeared Dialog box and click on “Show hidden files and folders”.

Click on Apply and then OK.

Download “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-UpsScanner Now

spyhunter pro

STEP 3: Stop “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-UpsRelated Processes From Task Manager

Windows XP, Vista, 7

To Open the Task Manager All you need to do is to press CTRL+ALT+DEL buttons simultaneously.

task manager


Or you can simply right-click on the taskbar and select task manager to open Task Manager on your screen.



Go to the processes tab and click on it. A list of running processes will appear on the screen.

end process


Select all those processes which are related with “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Upsand end those immediately.

end process

Now go to the Service Tab and Stop all unknown services running there.

Windows 8, 10

In Windows 8 and Windows 10, you can simply open the Task Manager with the help of CTRL+SHIFT+ESC buttons.

task manager win8,10

There is another way to do the same thing and open the Task manager, is to right-click on the task bar of your desktop and select Task Manager from the list which appears.

task manager

Go to the Process Tab to see all the running processes which are associated with “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Ups, after that click on End Process. It is important to end all unidentified processes to make your PC threat free.

end process

STEP 4: How to Remove “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-UpsFrom Your Windows Control Panel

Windows XP, Vista, 7

Navigate to the Start Menu and click on Control Panel option as shown in the Image below.

control panel

Next window will appear with the options which are available within the control panel where you need to select Uninstall a program option.

uninstall program option

Again next window will display you a list of programs which is installed on your PC. From here you need to uninstall all those kind of programs which are unknown/unidentified or associated with “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Ups.

uninstall program option

Note – Although we have shown the images of Windows 7 here, but the options and navigation for Windows XP and Vista are the same.

Windows 8, 10

Click on the Search Box of your Windows Explorer and search for Control Panel.


Click on the Control Panel icon that appears and then click on Uninstall a Program from the Control Panel window that appears next.


Next window will get to uninstall any program option with a list of options. Uninstall all “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Upsassociated programs along with it if it appears.


STEP 5: How to Remove “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-UpsFrom Your Browser (If Appears)

If “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Upshas stuck in your web browser and always keep appearing with your web browsing things then you need to check and remove it away from your browser. Few of the popular web browsers are described below with “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Upsremoval steps.

Internet Explorer

Open your IE browser and Click on the Tools button.


After that click on Manage Add-ons.


From left-side of next window that appears to click on Toolbars and Extensions and then select “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Ups, if it appears there.


Also, remove all kind of BHOs which you don’t recognize or don’t know.

Click to remove those extensions or click on disable whichever is possible.

Restart your browser.

Google Chrome

Open your Google Chrome browser and click on the three horizontal lines icon available on Chrome menu on the top right corner of the browser toolbar.


Now choose the option to appear as Settings.


Go to the Extensions tab. (Click on it)


Locate “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Upsextension and click on its trash icon and remove it from Google Chrome browser.


Remove all those extensions which you do not need or you do not know.


Then a confirmation box will appear which you have to confirm.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox browser and Go to Tools.


  • Click on Add-ons and Open Add-ons manager tab.


  • In the Add-ons manager tab click on Extensions Panel.
  • Remove all kinds of unknown extensions and also remove “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Upsextension if available there.
  • Click to Disable or Remove “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Ups.
  • Click to restart browser if it pops-up on your screen.
Manual removal of “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Ups requires good technical skills and sound knowledge of system files and registries as well. If any important data is removed by accident then permanent system damage can be experienced. To prevent this troublesome effect – remove “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Upswith trusted anti-malware scanner.

Note- The free scanner we provide here to scan “Hard Drive Is Not Accepted” Pop-Upson any Windows computer system is reliable and clever enough to identify all kinds of virus/malware and any other kind of threat which can hamper your Windows computer system by any mean. The free scanner suggested on our website here supports all versions of Windows computer system and will not hamper your computer by any mean. If you want to uninstall the software then you can Click Here.

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